Awards! Triforce Quartet Brings Special Orchestrated Game Music To New York Game Awards, Legend Winner Reggie Fils-Aimé – And You!

By Hunter Fenollol

Masterful string arrangements from the most popular game soundtracks and popular music will be performed live for Reggie – and for you – at the New York Game Awards by the world-renowned Triforce Quartet. The performers behind sold out shows at both videogame and music festivals throughout the globe, Triforce Quartet has stunned audiences at venues such as PAX and iDIG Musical Festival. Don’t miss your chance to see the group live at the New York Video Game Awards, grab your tickets here.

Comprised of four artists inspired by their classical music training and shared love of memorable videogame themes, the Triforce Quartet was conceived in 2006 by founder Chad Schwartz. A cellist, Chad transcribed songs from the Legend of Zelda for a medley at his senior recital encore for James Madison University. Video capturing the performance became a viral sensation on YouTube, as it was one of the first video game chamber arrangements to hit the web. You can see the 14 year old video below. Yes, you read that right, this video is 14 years old!

Focused on finding musicians that were not only talented but passionate about games, Chad recruited three string instrument experts to complement his deep sound. Violinists Matthew Evans and Jacob Roege provide contrasting highs to the low octaves of Schwartz’s cello. Balancing out the sound, Stanley Beckwith is the group’s resident viola player that can chase the highs of the violins while assisting in providing rich low notes to assist the cello. Together, the group offers listeners an intimate and rich sound that is dependent on all members of the quartet.

The quartet’s international portfolio includes consumer gaming shows like PAX, and culture festivals like MagFest and the Dublin International Game Music Festival. Now, the New York Game Awards will join these prominent venues in hosting the talent of the Triforce Quartet. 
Check out Triforce Quartet, solo artist Maddie Rice and mingle with video game industry talent at the 9th annual New York Video Game Awards show at the SVA Theater on January 21, 2020. Can’t make the show in person? No worries, you can still watch the show live on Twitch.

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