Awards! So Many Great Photos From The 9th NY Game Awards – Part 1!

The excellent Nancy J. Parisi, who’s snapped everyone from RBG to Barack Obama to The Goo-Goo Dolls, was the New York Game Awards’ official photographer this year. Here are photos leading up to the show at SVA Theatre. (The exceptions are John Azzilonna’s animation, which begins this post and those with the byline of Harold Goldberg)

Designer and Circle member John Azzilonna created this animation for the 9th Annual New York Game Awards.
It’s 4:00 p.m. as early evening ushers in The 9th Annual New York Game Awards.
Inside, Circle members Victor Kalogiannis and Jorge Jimenez prepare to direct the show.
Late Night with Stephen Colbert contributor Maddie Rice and Triforce Quartet rehearse their sets. Photo by Harold Goldberg.
Reggie arrives early to meet Circle members Jorge Jimenez, Victor Kalogiannis and primo designer John Azzilonna. Photo by Harold Goldberg
Reggie meets Circle mentor and project manager Annie Nguyen. Photo by Harold Goldberg
Circle Founder Harold Goldberg takes some time to help the bartenders haul cases of beer.
Ready for Reggie Selfie Hour, press pro Amber Stafford gets help from Hunter Fenollol as Victor looks on.
This ardent fan traveled 5 hours to get a selfie with Reggie. Selfies benefited our mentoring work.
Circle contributors Connor Carson and Elizabeth Ballou rehearse their Award presentation.
Host Devin Delliquanti arrives to rehearse after a full day of writing for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.
The line outside is long. Audience anticipation grows.
The physical Awards have been delivered. Matt Gerardi, Jason Cipriano and Sherri Smith have the honors of doing the unboxing.
Devin welcomes and rehearses a sketch with the Goose (Matt Negrin).
The crowd enters. CNET’s Dan Ackerman makes his way to the Green Room for a Pre-Awards Meeting. Who will surprise him?
Circle members meet for the traditional preshow rallying of the troops in the Green Room. They’re surprised to find Legend Winner Reggie among them. Photo by Harold Goldberg
The artful Sherri Smith in motion as she gives Circle members final presenter assignments at 7:00 p.m.
7:25 p.m.: Jordan Minor, Dan Ackerman, Sherri Smith, Nick Capozzoli, Samit Sarkar and Chris Byrd prepare for the Games of the Decade preshow segment.
Cover those Awards before you reveal secrets!
ESPN’s Arda Ocal (right) interviews (l-r) senior interns Ronald Gordon, Isaac Espinosa, Kimari Rennis and Circle founder Harold Goldberg about the Circle’s mentoring work.
It’s 7:40 p.m. and The Washington Post’s Gene Park laughs at Daily Show senior writer Daniel Radosh’s wry humor.
At 7:45, Circle friends smile for the camera as Reggie enters the theatre.
8 p.m.: Arda Ocal kills the introduction – and the 9th Annual New York Game Awards show is about to begin!

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