Awards: Here Are After Party Photos Of Reggie, Phil Spencer, Todd Howard, The Circle And Our Fans

Here’s our last big photo post for the 12th Annual New York Game Awards. See you next year!

Ronald Gordon, Isaac Espinosa and Karila Monique Warner. Photo by Karila.
Reggie speaks to Senior Editor Helen Pfeffer
Nancy J. Parisi poses Reggie and Makeda. Photo by HG.
Hosts Harold, Reggie and Makeda. Harold’s showing off his suit’s Day of the Dead lining. Photo by Makeda Byfield.
Whitney Meers and Imad Khan, part of our esports committee. Photo by Whitney.
Tony Polanco, Phil Spencer and Jorge Jimenez. Photo by Whitney.
Whitney Meers, Sherri L. Smith and Patrick Austin. Photo by Whintney.
Photo by Whitney Meers
Beatdown’s Shawn Alexander Allen and Jorge Jimenez. Photo by Jorge.
The awesome Polyarc folks, makers of the Moss series.
Reggie and some new pals.
Bethesda’s Todd Howard and Ryan O’Callaghan, our Best Educator Award winner.
Todd Howard, Reggie, and Phil Spencer greet some fans.
Fans hang with Geoff Keighley, who was in town for the Awards.
Max, Johner, Kaitlin and Colin, our awesome PR pros, pose in front of our NY sign.

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