Awards! Here Are Acceptance Speeches And Other Cool Videos From The 12th Annual New York Game Awards!

We’ll update this post daily until we populate it with many short videos from the 12th Annual New York Game Awards.

First, here’s the full show.

Here’s Ranni The Witch’s Acceptance Speech For Elden Ring.

Here’s Phil Spencer’s Speech, Reggie’s superb intro and the documentary the Circle made about Phil’s work at Microsoft and Xbox.

Here’s The Daily Show’s funny “In Memoriam” segment by Emmy-winning writer Devin Delliquanti.

Here’s Circle friend Peter Dizozza’s first person look at the Awards from check in through our musical guest. He even interviewed interns Isaac Espinosa and Ronald Gordon.

Here’s Blake Battle from Bungie’s acceptance speech for the NYC GWB Award for Best DLC.

Here’s Ryan O’Callaghan’s impassioned acceptance speech for receiving the Elizabeth Jennings Graham Award for Best Educator

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