Pix! Here Are Even More Photos From The 12th Annual New York Game Awards: Part 2

Part 2: Nancy J. Parisi’s photos from the 12th New York Game Awards. Next, we’ll feature fan photos and videos – along with shots from the after party.

The Awards themselves, all lined up, ready for giving.
Nick and Michelle give out the Off Broadway Award for Best Indie
Caroline Petit from Kotaku talks about the import of games, especially the narrative before presenting Best Writing.
Bruno Velazquez from Sony Santa Monica accepts the Herman Melville Award for Best Writing.
Harold Goldberg cracks a joke as Reggie and Makeda laugh.
Commissioner Anne Del Castillo from the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment talks about the import of games in NYC, particularly about our work with underserved and homeless students.
The Daily Show’s Devin Delliquanti cracks some jokes before introducing his hilarious In Memoriam video.
Jordan Minor, the author of the forthcoming Video Game of the Year tome, introducing the Knickerbocker Award for Best Games Journalism.
Justin Heckert’s brilliant story about a collectible games heist for Vanity Fair won our Best Journalism Award.
Mott Hall III teacher Ryan O’Callaghan won the Elizabeth Jennings Graham Award for Best Educator.
Shawn Alexander Allen premiered his new trailer for Treachery in Beatdown City: Ultra Remix. Super great editing!
Polyarc team accepts the Coney Island Dreamland Award for Best VR/AR.
Sherri L. Smith and Tony Polanco present the Best VR/AR Award.
Twice Oscar-nominated animator Bill Plympton presents the award for Best Acting.
Half Mermaid’s Sam Barlow accept the Best Acting Award for Manon Gage.
Talented high school student Jamin Titikpina won our $10,000 college scholarship for his writing work.
Axios’ Stephen Totilo presented the Tin Pan Alley Award for Best Game Music.
Musician Mike Fornatale sang “Walk Away Renee.” I tribute to Phil Spencer, he shredded the Halo theme on guitar.
Two titans meet. Phil Spencer greets Reggie Fils-Aime prior to Phil’s Andrew Yoon Legend Award speech.
Microsoft’s Phil Spencer spoke passionately about the joy of games. But he also thanked “Our creators who bravely and intentionally release their visions to the world, particularly in the current culture of criticism and cancellation.”
Charlotte Wells as Ranni The Witch accept the Big Apple Award for Game of the Year for Elden Ring.
Many members of the NY Videogame Critics Circle made it to the stage for the Game of the Year presentation.
Three of our Andrew Yoon Legend Award winners: Reggie Fils-Aime, Todd Howard and Phil Spencer are joined by co-hosts Harold Goldberg, Makeda Byfield and MOME Commissioner Anne Del Castillo.
Many of our Circle members took to the stage for a group photo after the show. We look good!