Awards! New York Game Awards Photos, Part 3: The After Party!

It was the most crowded and wildest New York Game Awards After Party the New York Videogame Critics Circle has ever seen. Thankfully, Photojournalist Nancy J. Parisi was there to chronicle the festivities.

DJ Reznor got the crowd dancing at around 10:30 p.m.
The Goose, who didn’t win any Awards, refused to join in the festivities. Instead, he moped and refused to leave the podium. Maybe next year, honking one, maybe next year.
But the crowd danced on.
Circle contributor Elizabeth Ballou listens warily.
As the DJ spun game-oriented music, some enjoyed The Lost City of Mer VR experience.
Reggie thanks the TriForce Quartet for their performance of Nintendo tunes.
PlayStation’s Andrew Kelly during a pensive moment.
Unwinnable’s Chuck Moran took a selfie with Harold Goldberg.
Zaum Studio’s Danielle Woodford and Helen Hindpere show off their New York Game Award.
The After Party was packed with fans.
Chantell Quick and Robin Arnott pose for the camera after Robin successfully premiered a stunning trailer for the upcoming Soundself: A Technodelic at the Awards.
Leonard Boyarsky, the co-game designer for The Outer Worlds, displays the Big Apple Award for Best Game of the Year.
Standing with Circle founder Harold Goldberg, Game Director Torfi Frans Olafsson holds the Coney Island Dreamland Award for Best VR/AR for Microsoft’s work on Minecraft Earth. After two 20-hour days, Goldberg was ready to chill.

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