Awards! Musician Maddie Rice Will Return To New York Game Awards For Another Inspired Performance

By Hunter Fenollol

Following last year’s breathtaking set that featured songs nominated for The Tin Pan Alley Award for Best Music in a video game, musician Maddie Rice, who frequently plays guitar with Stay Human on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, will once again be serenading attendees of the New York Game Awards. Get your tickets here!

Maddie is a New York City-based guitarist, singer and songwriter who sharpened her musical abilities at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. This summer, she performed as part of the house band at the Global Citizens Festival. There, she played guitar for artists as diverse as French Montana, Carole King and Kelly Clarkson. She recently toured with electronic dance music artist Big Wild, where her guitar skills added a unique layer to the band’s synth-heavy sounds. Maddie has a diverse talent that has taken her all over the world. Her talent has no limits, and she has toured the world with international performers of all types of genres.

As part of Rubblebucket, a Brooklyn indie-rock band, Maddie added incredible strings to songs like their hit, Fruity. She’s even dipped her toe into Korean pop music, touring with the group Taeyang internationally. Maddie is well-versed in the universal language of jamming out, which has translated to her stunning recreations for Tin Pan Alley Award for Best Music Award nominees.

Maddie’s been called a prodigy from a young age, but with her cool demeanor while shredding out notes, you might never know how fierce her passion for her work is. Maddie has been playing since she was about 13 years old and has posted her content to social media and various websites. That’s how our Circle’s founder Harold Goldberg discovered Maddie’s talents. Goldberg, a former music critic, has a pretty good ear for skill, and is joined by many in the industry who are very impressed with Maddie’s smooth transitions and powerful plucks. One of the early posts that caught his eye was Maddie shredding her guitar to the famous Eddie Van Halen solo in Michael Jackson’s Beat It.

Maddie’s confident glide and intricate picking on her guitar netted over one million views. And since then, Maddie’s only refined her skills.

You can see Maddie perform a set of nominated music and an original song at the New York Video Game Awards at the SVA Theater on 1/21/20!

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