Awards! HyperX Commences Another Decade With The New York Game Awards

By Hunter Fenollol

It’s true! HyperX continues to be a New York Game Awards donor as new decade begins. 9th Annual New York Video Game Awards Show. With industry legends like Reggie Fils-Aime taking the stage at SVA Theater for the 9th Annual New York Video Game Awards, this star-studded year is shaping up to be our best yet! Grab tickets here. It’s a show no gamer will want to miss.

In addition to donations that help us fund programs with the Bronx’s DreamYard Prep School, Games for Change, the Henry Street Settlement, and many more organizations, HyperX has provided support for a new generation of talent. Our writers and critics meet with our skillful high school and college interns to equip them with not only knowledge, but HyperX’s advanced gear as well. The company’s most recent innovations in sound positioning come equipped on the premium Cloud Orbit headset, which provides the most immersive audio experience to date.

Ultra-realistic 3D audio transports wearers into the game thanks to pinpoint sound localization software. Equipped with a pop filter, the Cloud Orbit’s detachable noise-cancelling microphone offers superior audio quality for chatting or recording. Multiple connection options offer unrivaled versatility that allows the Cloud Orbit headset to meet you at any PC or console you’re using.

The Cloud II, HyperX’s most popular headset is one that has been refined for an ultimate surround sound experience, with a price a bit closer to earth. Padded memory foam provides unparalleled levels of comfort during play sessions. Crystal clear audio quality thanks to an in-line sound card ensures your teammates hear everything you have to say. Everything. Lastly, an attached advanced USB audio control box leaves setting adjustments at your fingertips for ease of use.

HyperX embodies the spirit of the New York Game Awards. Our purpose of giving back to underserved communities with scholarships, mentoring and paid internships wouldn’t be possible without the support of donors like HyperX. Here’s to a new decade of partnership between HyperX and the New York Game Awards!

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