Awards: HyperX Returns To The New York Game Awards!

HyperX TM for peripherals (1)

HyperX has been a valued New York Game Awards donor for years now and we’re so excited that they have returned for our 8th Awards event, our biggest and best yet! Tickets are available now for our 1/22/19 event at SVA Theatre.

It’s clear HyperX really cares. Beyond their donations, they’ve given high tech gaming headsets to the paid high school interns we name each year. And they’ve attended the Awards in the past to meet these talented interns personally.

The theme for the New York Game Awards this year is “Giving Back.” We give back to the community through mentoring, scholarships, paid internships and workshops, at the Abrons Art Center, at the Bronx’s DreamYard Prep School, at Chelsea’s Senior Planet Tech Center, at the New York Public Library system, at MoMA, at Games for Change, and beyond.

HyperX understands giving back as well. That’s why we welcome them back so heartily. Here’s to a continued partnership with the New York Game Awards!

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