When we began as an organization, we felt we needed a group, a multicultural group, to advocate for game writers, those who are freelance and those who are on staff.

We met that goal early on in our existence.

Now, we’ve become a non-profit organization that sees great benefit in advocating for those less fortunate in our community, everyone from students in the Bronx to older adults who want to learn about and benefit from games and technology.

And in the New York Game Awards we have a gala awards night each January, something perhaps more mature than what’s out there now, something that we feel helps to lift the genre to the point of popular art. It’s there that we talk about our work in the community.

We are looking at various ways to do some very creative things as writers and as community advocates. We are doing workshops with students in the Bronx. We are hiring paid student interns to help them learn about journalism and game development. We are working with older adults with VR to take them on trips they can no longer take. We are working with the New York Public Library system to hold panels and discussions about jobs in games and how games bring people together.

We want to help, we need to give back, and we’re very serious about that mission.

-Harold Goldberg, Founder, New York Videogame Critics Circle

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