Awards! At The Duplex, Our Intrepid Committee Chose The Nominees For The Year’s Best Journalism

The New York Videogame Critics Circle Journalism Committee, hard at work.

It was a collegial then passionate, then argumentative night as Nick Capozzoli and our NYVGCC journalism committee met at The Duplex Bar in the West Village this past weekend to discuss the 45 potential nominees for the 2022 Knickerbocker Award for Best Journalism.

Through the haze of fog from the bar’s dry ice machine and the thump, thump, thump of video hits from Beyonce and Lady Gaga, each member of the team lobbied for their favorite stories from the long list, which was carefully and thoughtfully curated by Capozzoli with committee input all year long. In addition to Nick, Carolyn Petit, Christopher Byrd, Jordan Minor, Sara Clemens, Michelle Ehrhardt, Samit Sarkar, and Harold Goldberg were present.

In early January, these seven nominees will be revealed – ahead of the 12th Annual New York Game Awards on 1/17/23. Get your tickets now!

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