Awards! We Recorded Our Phil Spencer Tribute Documentary At CNET

Ticket for the New York Game Awards will help to fund ongoing nonprofit programs for 2023, and are on sale here. Tickets cost $40 for General Admission and $75 for Orchestra (closest to the stage). Phil Spencer will be in town as our Legend Winner! Get tickets before they sell out!

Last Wednesday night, the Circle recorded its Phil Spencer tribute in anticipation of the Xbox CEO’s appearance and speech for his Andrew Yoon Legend Award at the New York Game Awards at SVA Theatre on 1/17/22.

Victor Kaliogiannis was our intrepid director, and Dan Ackerman provided the awesome space at CNET. Participants included senior interns Kimari Rennis, Isaac Espinosa and Ronald Gordon – as well as new intern Valeisha Jackson. Circle members included Sherri L. Smith, Jorge Jimenez, Samit Sarkar, Whitney Meers and founder Harold Goldberg.

We have more participants in the video as well, people of high renown. Who could those be? We’ll let you know – in good time. Buy your tickets now!

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