Breaking: New Circle Podcast With Reggie Fils-Aimé Will Benefit Homeless Students

Here’s Our GoFundMe Link

“Talking Games with Reggie and Harold” will be a unique seven-part podcast with former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé and award-winning author/journalist Harold Goldberg. Here is our GoFundMe link. Donations will benefit the New York Videogame Critics Circle nonprofit’s mentoring work in the time of COVID-19.  Reggie is an NYVGCC board member and Harold is the organization president. 

We are raising funds for a new initiative to bring games and games writing courses to high school students in homeless shelters in New York City. While everyone has been hard hit by this terrible COVID-19  virus in some way, the hardest hit, underserved communities in the Bronx need our help. And no community has been hit harder than students in homeless shelters, who live in complex situations in the best of times and are having trouble even connecting to a WiFi hotspot right now. These are our communities in need. These are the communities we want to help.

The New York Videogame Critics Circle is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, arts education organization of multicultural journalists from entities such as The New York Times, The Washington Post and The New Yorker. In addition, during the time of COVID-19, we are moving our journalism courses online. Once completed, these courses will be available to educators around the country – for free.  We will be available to help facilitate these courses – also at no cost.

It’s not just a worthy cause with a podcast the begins in mid-May; donors will get access to extra content from Reggie and our famous guests. Plus, selected donors will be able to ask questions of Reggie. The tone will be something like CBS Sunday Morning, positive, fun and informative – but with a games focus. Finally, all donors will have first access to purchase some of the Circle’s rare videogame memorabilia.

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