Awards! Welcome Back Devin Delliquanti From The Daily Show As Our Host! He’ll Bring 6 Other Comedians With Him!

By Harold Goldberg

The New York Videogame Critics Circle is proud to announce that Emmy Award winner Devin Delliquanti from The Daily Show With Trevor Noah will be our host for the 4th year in a row. Devin always does an awesome job for our nonprofit with searing game and pop culture oriented humor – and his signature, hilarious In Memoriam video. We can’t wait. Here’s Devin’s In Memoriam from last year’s Awards:

Devin is bringing other comics with him, including senior Daily Show Emmy Award winner Daniel Radosh, who also has hosted our show brilliantly and has written for The New York Times Magazine about games. Radosh is also a creator of Liberty Crossing series, seen here below in a trailer.

We’ll welcome back Josh Johnson, a Daily Show writer with killer humor who’s opened for Trevor Noah on his tour. I’ve seen Josh do standup comedy, and he’s terrific.

Comedian Emily Winter was a joke writer for NPR’s Ask Me Another, created a comedy festival, and has written for The New York Times and The New Yorker. Check out her comedy below.

Randall Otis works for The Daily Show as well. Here’s a wonderfully satirical video which Randall wrote and directed.

Gabe Mollica is fresh off a stint at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with Gabe Mollica: The Whole Thing. Here’s a sampling of Gabe’s signature humor.

Matt Negrin is a senior digital producer for The Daily Show. On Twitter, he is @mattnegrin or Matt MEET THE PRESS IS SANCTUARY FOR LIARS Negrin. Meet the Press has blocked Matt. Here’s a look at his series, Noshin’ with Negrin.

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