Why Do We Put On The New York Game Awards? It’s To Give Back To Others.

This past summer, we offered our first daily journalism course to students at The DreamYard Project. Rockstar’s Simon Ramsey mentored students about the varied pathways to success.

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Sure, we love games and we enjoy seeing the great game makers who come from far and wide to attend The New York Game Awards. And we enjoy the intense spirit of collegiality and friendship that comes from a bond wrought from eight years of the New York Videogame Critics Circle – and from making the show ourselves, everything from the program to the camerawork and beyond.

Putting on a show of this magnitude is very challenging work. But we do it because we’re a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that really wants to give back to underserved communities like the students at the DreamYard Prep School in the Bronx and the Henry Street Settlement on the Lower East Side.

We’ve had then-PlayStation President Shawn Layden mentor our students via Skype. And Nintendo of America’s President Reggie Fils-Aimé mentored our Bronx students. Now retired, he’s a valued member of our Board of Directors. Journalists Sherri Smith, Dan Ackerman, Eb Samuel, Imad Khan, Whitney Meers, Elizabeth Ballou and Chris Byrd have all taken time from their busy days to mentor the students and older adults with whom we work.  And they do it selflessly.

Here’s more about our group:

We are a multicultural organization. Everyone is welcome regardless of race, ethnicity or gender. That’s how we began. That’s how we will go forward – forever.

We mentor at a high school in the poorest Congressional district in the United States. It’s in the Bronx. It’s full of cool people in a great community. But it’s underserved.

What else? We mentor awesome older adults, too. Older people deserve great tech and games – like everyone else.  They love VR games. When one person played Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, she said, “I’m too old to go to Coney Island and ride the roller coaster. But this is even better.”

We hold panels and workshops at the main branch of the New York Public Library. We don’t charge for our time. We give it freely because we want kids to learn.

All the monies from tickets you buy for the New York Game Awards on 1/21/20 go to funding our work in under-served communities.

We’re expanding. We now have satellite Critics Circles at Lehman College, Bronx Tech, the Henry St. Settlement and the Bronx’s DreamYard Project (where it all began). That’s five Critics Circles!

We love art. So we’ve partnered with the Museum of Modern Art to bring students to talk to senior curators at the museum. And we hope that’s just the beginning of our partnership.

We recently received a community impact grant from Samsung. And our work with the Henry Street Settlement in not only in partnership the lauded nonprofit. It’s in partnership with the Manhattan Attorney General’s Office as well.

We’re a small nonprofit, but we’ll continue to work exhaustively to continue our work to help others.

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