More Cool Photos! New York Game Awards

Today, we’re proud to feature Ryan Meltzer’s photos from the New York Game Awards. Lots of good stuff here!


Former Circle member turned narrative writer Scott Alexander laughs with CNET’s Scott Stein (c.) and Dan Ackerman (l.)

399A0019’s Lucas Siegel and Polygon’s Allegra Frank enjoy the After Party.


The Molasses Flood’s Forrest Dowling with Jessica Weisman.


“Book of Numbers” author Joshua Cohen, The Washington Post’s Christopher Byrd and Playboy’s Harold Goldberg.


Rockstar’s Jennifer Kolbe, a closed-eyed Harold Goldberg and Rockstar’s Simon Ramsey. Rockstar Games won the Andrew Yoon Memorial Legend Award.


DualShocker’s Jorge Jimenez, Circle videographer Victor Kalogiannis, Circle master designer John Azzilonna and Jacqui Collins, who helped with public relations.


The After Party had power; it kept on going!


The Daily Dot’s Jonathan Lee (r.), Videodame’s Sara Clemens.


Tom Clark (r.) and Craig Chesler rocked so hard, the “N” and “Y” began dancing.

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