10 Things You’ll Like About The Wii U

Last night, the Wii U, Nintendo’s newest game console, went on sale throughout North America. Many of our critics took the trek to Rockefeller Center to check out the event at Rockefeller Center. Without any fanboyism or favoritism, here are 10 things you’ll like and dislike about the Wii U.

1) Games are presented in high definition graphics, a fine step forward.

2) The GamePad functions as a TV remote control and your cable guide appears on it. Its touchscreen can be pretty effective, too.

3) You can play your old Wii games on it. Super Mario Galaxy, baby.

4) Nintendo Land is better than expected because it explains an essential thing: how to use the GamePad. The single player mini games aren’t bad, either.

5) MiiVerse lets you share screenshots from games with friends.

6) You can play games on the GamePad without turning the TV on.

7) It connects to the Web.

8) You could probably stream a webcast via the GamePad camera and WiFi, if Nintendo ever sets that up.

9) It’s a powerful machine that rivals the workhorses PS3 and Xbox 360, something Nintendo needed to do.

10) There are creditable games for adults as well as kids, from ZombiU to Scribblenauts Unlimited.

-Harold Goldberg, Founder

2 thoughts on “10 Things You’ll Like About The Wii U

  1. I love the Wii U. When people say that it’s slow or takes a long time to load, or you can barely socalize. WRONG. You probably have a sucky internet connection. Don’t go blamin’ it on Ninetendo (Don’t worry, Wii U is not made exactly for Online, you can have equally as much fun offline!) And about the socalizing, WII U IS ALL ABOUT SOCALIZING!!!

  2. There is quite a bit of difference from the older Wii consoles and the new Wii U. Some people seem to find those differences confusing, and, of course, some people just can’t accept change.

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