No!!! New York Mag Laziness

Adam Moss, the editor in chief of New York magazine, is one of the greatest Manhattan editors – ever.

He hires the best and the brightest, and he was my first editor when I came to New York City.  He gets writers in the sense that he lets them shine while getting what he wants out of them. He’s brilliant.

But New York doesn’t get videogames.

Over and over, I’ve seen errors in the rare game pieces in the magazine.

This week, in the ‘must-read’ Approval Matrix, someone called Dead Space 2 something really weird.

Some lazy writer called it Space Demo 2.

Nooo! How could that happen? New York is one of the world’s best magazines. It has some of the best editors. How could no one catch the error before the magazine went to press?

It’s because no one there really cares about videogames.

Shouldn’t they get with the program and start to care?

Space Demo 2 is really an embarrassing, unconscionable mistake for an award-winning magazine to make. Especially when it’s run by one of the great magazine editors in New York City.

-Harold Goldberg


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