THQ’s Danny Bilson, The Flash and Homefront

Back in the late 1990s, I interviewed Danny Bilson for a pre-E3 story about movies and games in The Hollywood Reporter.

Bilson told a story about sitting on a plane and meeting a videogame executive. As the story unfolded, Bilson talked animatedly about his love for games. And he got a good gig – not only because of that love, but because he had worked hard on movie scripts in Hollywood.

Bilson had been a burgeoning screenwriter, although he hadn’t had a breakout hit. His most well-known film was the adaptation of the comic book The Rocketeer for Disney, although work on that movie wasn’t the greatest of screen writing experiences. He went on to work on the short-lived Flash TV show, which really should have been given more time to shine.

Once he made the move to games, he stayed. Bilson was credited with working on a slew of games for Electronic Arts, where he became acquainted and worked with John Milius, the genius screenwriter of Apocalypse Now.

Finally, as an adjunct professor, Bilson teaches a course in writing for games at USC’s School of Cinema Arts. Man, I wish I was in L.A. to register for that one.

Now his biggest treasure is Homefront, which will be released in March. Regarding Homefront, there are two things I’m dying to say about it. But I’ll have to wait until next week to get into it. Stay tuned.

-Harold Goldberg


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