John Milius’ Homefront Novel: Better Than The Game?

This morning, THQ announced that Apocalypse Now screenwriter John Milius has written a novel to be released in tandem with the release of the science fiction game Homefront. It’s called The Voice of Freedom.

Homefront, as you’ll note in my G4TV preview, has a wild premise that’s somewhat plausible — at least to the more paranoid among us.

As the plot unfolds, North Korean leader Kim Jong-il’s son takes over the world, country by country, as he expands his Greater Korean Republic.  (In reality, Jong-un supposedly has a ruthless streak.)

Milius wrote the scenarios in the game. And he’s a terrific writer. Though he’s penned movie novelizations before, such as The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, this is his first entry into the videogame transmedia space.  While Homefront looks like it might a generally fascinating game, Milius’ novel will be of more interest to those of us who know his history and who still love long form writing — just as much as we love the short form.

-Harold Goldberg

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