The Moment: Here Are Ronald’s Photos From The Spider-Man 2 Treasure Hunt In Brooklyn!

By Ronald Gordon 

Spider-Man 2 for the PlayStation 5 came out last week. Of course, Sony had to do something big to announce its release. Taking over a significant part of Brooklyn’s Jay Street stretch, Sony set up a Spider-Man themed Scavenger Hunt for those excited to see the game. Five locations were chosen and decorated with a very Venom feel, encouraging those curious to gather pieces of the symbiote’s DNA and analyze it at the last location before gaining access to a lounge where a demo of the game was displayed for all to experience. I had plenty of fun running around the small part of Brooklyn, (I was familiar with most of the stops due to my time at City Tech which was right down the road), and finding all the pieces to the puzzle. 

The First Location was a makeshift Train Station, where you’d scan the first code. It was entirely fake with no stairs leading down, and if it weren’t for the hordes of people around it, I would’ve never found it!
The Second Location was a newsstand for the Daily Bugle. T-Shirts were on display for sale and plenty of other memorabilia could be found. It even featured funny newspaper headlines about Spider-Man on the sides, such as “Amazing New Hero? Or Violent Vigilante? 15 Reasons Why This New ‘Spider-Man’ is a Spider-MENACE!” 
The Third Location was an Adidas store, which partnered with Sony to not only feature sneakers inside the game and out, but also be a part of the Scavenger hunt. A vending machine dispensed 13 oz. Spidey mugs nearby. 
The second to last location was a Warby Parker with this graphic pasted on its window. Inside you’d scan the codes given when you stopped by the other locations and get the last location to go to. Also, you can buy yourself a pair of Spider-Man themed frames in three options, Peter Parker II sporting a luscious red, Miles Morales in a cool black, and Venom in a foggy wave of blacks and silvers. 
And finally, here’s me at the Lounge area, getting a picture taken with the life size statues of Peter & Miles. The statue had a spinning Spider-Man symbol behind them, switching between Miles’ red version and Peter’s new Venom version. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the event and the demo of the game. I’d definitely do another one if more companies did things like this, the attention to detail was great. The only problem I had was that the website they used wasn’t foolproof. I did actually miss the QR code you’re meant to scan at the Daily Bugle stop, which meant I had to backtrack through the whole adventure part of my way through. I didn’t mind it though. Once you know where you’re going on the hunt, the locations are only about 10-12 minutes away from each other. 

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