Awards! Welcome Brilliant Hip Hop Star Open Mike Eagle To The New York Game Awards!

By Harold Goldberg

We are completely thrilled to have Open Mike Eagle perform at the 12th Annual New York Game Awards!

Open Mike Eagle will be part of a super special video game package and premiere that we won’t reveal until Awards night.

Open Mike Eagle’s most recent release, Component System With The Auto Reverse, was chosen by NPR as one of the best hip hip recordings of 2022 because it’s “his most triumphant moment in years” and “refreshingly relatable.”

For someone who lived through the 90s, Component System takes me back, sure. It reminds me of hip hop styles on the Lower East Side and Rockstar’s Sam Houser telling me about buying clothes down here. It reminds me of the hip hop greatness of the 90s, when that was some of the only creative writing that got me through – like the words of Paul Beatty when he performed at the Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe.

But Eagle’s words aren’t simple nostalgia. They refer to the 90s, but they live alive in 2022. When you hear words like “memories, like flesh wounds,” you know you’re in the hands of a master and that the shadows of the past can inform the living, burning lights of the present and future.

That’s why I’m so thrilled that Open Mike Eagle will perform at the New York Game Awards as part of this excellent video game premiere package we readied have for fans.

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