The Series: Our Halloween Week Deep Dive Into The World Of Immortality By Our Interns Starts Tomorrow!

By Harold Goldberg

Here at the New York Videogame Critics Circle, we were gobsmacked by the originality of Half Mermaid’s landmark Immortality, the Sam Barlow-led creation which serves up a mystery stippled with horror featuring a lost actress and her three unreleased movies. After I reviewed Half-Mermaid’s game for The Observer, I realized there was much more to mine as a journalist.

So I asked our intrepid interns, who range in age from 13 to 21, if they wanted to research and talk to five creative people who worked on the game. These stories, I told them, would appear on our YouTube channel and on our website with accompanying text.

Before they would do the interviews, I offered up a three-part Interview Workshop series for the five to either polish their skills or learn these skills as a new endeavor. They learned quickly from the workshops and carefully crafted their questions.

We’re super proud of what they’ve accomplished, and thank Half-Mermaid for giving do freely of their time. Here’s the schedule:

Tuesday: Sam Barlow, the creative lead, interviewed by Ronald Gordon

Wednesday: Natalie Watson, the producer, interviewed by Isaac Espinosa

Thursday: Connor Carson, the software engineer, interviewed by Khloe Wilkerson. (Note: Khloe is 13 and we asked her not to play the game because of her age. But she did a ton of research on Immortality and on Connor Carson, who used to be an NYVGCC intern herself.)

Friday: Manon Gage, the lead actress, interviewed by Makeda Byfield,

Monday: Nainita Desai, the composer, interviewed by Valeisha Jackson,

Monday: The Immortality Review by Jade Entien

Author/journalist Harold Goldberg is the founder and editor in chief of NYVGCC and the NY Game Awards. His upcoming mystery novel, The Skinny, will be published in 2023.

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