Awards! The New York City Mayor’s Office Of Media And Entertainment Joins The New York Game Awards!

Watch The 11th New York Game Awards On Twitch And YouTube On 2/1/22 At 8 PM ET!

The New York Videogame Critics Circle is excited to announce that, at the 11th Annual New York Game Awards on 2/1/22, the NYC Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment will be present and will speak about underwriting one of our programs for underserved and homeless youth in New York City.

Here’s how this valuable partnership unfolded. Last year, NYVGCC president Harold Goldberg had an in-depth conversation with the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME) after MOME kindly reached out. While we’re a small nonprofit organization, the work we have done with homeless and underserved youth has been groundbreaking, especially in the Bronx.

The conversation bore fruit. MOME sent a talented video crew from Lehman College to create a short but poignant documentary about our classes at the Bronxworks network of homeless residences during the pandemic. The video turned our amazingly well, as you’ll soon see. (The city’s organization is all for the game industry’s rise in New York City and MOME recently released a comprehensive, fascinating economic impact study.)

So on Tuesday night at the 11th New York Game Awards, MOME Commissioner Anne Del Castillo will be present to premiere that video documentary for all who watch our streams. In addition, the Commissioner will talk about the city’s underwriting of one of core programs. So welcome. Welcome to the 11th New York Game Awards!

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