Awards: Ollie Milford Joins Our Music Lineup For the 11th Annual New York Game Awards!

Ollie Milford

Watch The 11th New York Game Awards On Twitch And YouTube On 2/1/22 At 8 PM ET!

The idyllic Catskill Mountain region of New York has become a bastion of artistic activity. That’s not to say that it hasn’t had a renowned history regarding groundbreaking arts and music. But the last five years have seen a great rise in creativity. Last summer, during a day of blazing sun, we found Ollie Milford playing at a ukulele festival in a small park in the quiet town of Phoenicia. Present there were at least a score of uke players on that hot afternoon, often offering thoughtful, fun covers of pop songs on that four-stringed instrument of magic.

But Ollie’s solo song was about RPGs and LARPing, and it was really imaginative and moving. Through the seasons, we kept in contact with Ollie. So we’re honored that their New York City and worldwide solo debut will be at the New York Game awards on 2/1/22. Ollie will perform that tune about LARPing (It’s called Cleric.) along with one from our Tin Pan Alley Award for Best Music nominees. They’ll join Saturday Night Live’s Maddie Rice as part of our superior musical lineup for the night.

Specifically, “Ollie Milford is a 17 year-old artist and musician who grew up running through the woods slaying pretend monsters with fake swords and writing about fictional creatures of the Catskill forest. They tell stories through their art and music inspired by imaginary worlds and LARP adventures.

Ollie draws inspiration from being a production staff member and gamewriter at the Live Action Role Play camp called The Wayfinder Experience. 

They’ve expanded their musical skills while being a piano and vocal student at the Woodstock Rock Academy since 2018, performing in the Showband group consistently and on tour in the summer of 2021. 

Ollie is a self taught songwriter with a fondness for working across media, whether it be writing ballads for LARP games or creating costume pieces and music for their magical-realism short films.”

Ollie Milford, welcome to the New York Game Awards!

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