The Art: The Critics Circle’s Latest Artwork Represents Our Multicultural Group In A Spring And Summer Setting

By Harold Goldberg

When the New York Videogame Critics Circle commissioned Robin Yang to create a winter scene that represented our group for the 3rd Annual New York Game Awards, it became iconic artwork that the Critics Circle uses to this day, even on t-shirts we distribute to underserved students in our journalism and games classes.

But we wanted a Spring and Summer graphic as well, something that instantly evokes the joys of writing. We checked with Robin and some Circle members; they understandably didn’t have time during this busy season. So we tried Fiverr. For a price under $200, we received the awesome artwork above. This entrancing, bucolic forest scene retains Robin’s campfire and fountain pen across the sky. Perhaps most importantly, it represents our decidedly multicultural membership, a collegial group comprised of all colors and races.

If you look closely, you can see writers with their notepads – and some Nintendo Switch consoles nearby. It’s not that we don’t enjoy PlayStations, Xboxes and computer games; we very much do. But this scene is a hang that’s outside in the most beautiful kind of natural night, a magical evening mobile gaming experience. I can almost hear the cicadas’ high pitched rhythm singing in tandem the guitar being played.

We want to thank Londoner babykhan00, who prefers to be anonymous, for the thoughtful work, quick communication and fast revisions. This was all completed within one week. The artwork makes me want to organize an outdoor event once we’re all vaccinated, perhaps a retreat up in the Catskills Mountains north of New York City.

Author/journalist Harold Goldberg is the president and founder of the New York Videogame Critics Circle and the New York Game Awards.

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