The Podcast: New Content For Sony’s Artful Concrete Genie Proves The Offering Has Potential!


Join the New York Videogame Critics Circle as we talk about the latest “Concrete Genie” demo! This deep, somewhat short, game about art, bullying, monster pals and the power of a paintbrush will be released on October 8. Developer PixelOpus revealed that among the many inspirations for  the monsters’ look is legendary storyteller and artist Maurice Sendak (“Where The Wild Things Are”).

Circle founder Harold Goldberg and Senior Intern Kimari Rennis played all new content – 90 new minutes of “Concrete Genie.” Thankfully, it looks to be a thoughtful, enjoyable piece of popular art. In the podcast, they talk about why and how this came to be. Coming on Thursday: Part 2, in which they interview the game makers themselves.


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