Photos: New York Game Awards (Part 1)

Here are photographs from our landmark 8th Annual New York Game Awards presented by the New York Videogame Critics Circle, which had 400,000 viewers on Twitch.

Awards founder Harold Goldberg stood under the marquee at SVA Theatre. We’ve had a number of venues for the Awards in the past. But this is the first time we had a proper marquee.


The marquee also featured Andrew Yoon Legend Award Winner Jade Raymond. In the photo is Imad Khan, one of the Circle critics.


We arrived early on Tuesday at SVA Theatre. So did musician Maddie Rice from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’s band, Stay Human. Here’s a shot from her sound check.


As the day goes on, things become more intense. Here in the Green Room, we meet just before the show. Two Circle members who were presenting weren’t there. One arrived late. One never showed up. But everyone else was there, including Devin Delliquanti, our host from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.


Night had fallen. The marquee was lit up, signalling to all that it was nearly showtime.


SVA Theatre’s big screen was awesome in its HD wonder. The VIPs and fans were moving inside. Almost showtime now!


Midway through, Jade Raymond received the Andrew Yoon Legend Awards. Jade’s speech was moving and inspiring. She thanked many of the women with whom she worked during the past two decades, including Uncharted’s Amy Hennig.


When Maddie Rice performed, the nearly sold out house went quiet with respect. Here performance, including “Jack of Diamonds” from Red Dead Redemption 2 and “Wouldn’t is Be Nice” from Fallout 76, was awesome indeed.


After the show, Sony Santa Monica Studio’s Cory Barlog, who accepted the Big Apple Game of the Year Award for God of War, posed with members of the Critics Circle and a fan.


Knicks Gaming won the Captain Award for Best Rookie Esports Team and showed off their award on Twitter. (The Captain moniker is a nod to Knicks great Willis Reed.)


Geoff Keighley, the great creator of The Game Awards, flew in from Los Angeles to interview our high school student interns from the DreamYard Prep School during our preshow.  After, he kindly took photos with fans like @Jempanada.


Post Awards, the winners flew back to parts unknown in California, Canada and Europe. Here, Cory Barlog bids us goodbye from rainy Newark on Twitter with “Had a great time at NY Game Awards! Big thanks to ppl of the Video Games Critic Circle for all the great work they do for the community! Can’t wait 2 come back, maybe I’ll get a chance to shake the Housers hand and thank them for the brilliant RDR2!”


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