Awards World Premiere Trailer: Treachery In Beatdown City By Shawn Alexander Allen!


We’re thrilled! Our first New York Game Awards World Premiere Trailer will be a full, action-packed, satire-spiced endeavor. It’s the long-awaited Treachery In Beatdown City from New York City game developer Shawn Alexander Allen.

Allen will appear onstage to introduce the trailer. He’ll also speak about “a debut of an exciting indie rap collaboration song.”

Allen, a former Rockstar Games employee who has written for this site, has toiled for years on the game. Now that the ardent game developer is nearing the finish line on what he dubs “beat ’em up/tactics/RPG of your dreams,” we’re proud to present a full, unapologetically satirical “Treachery In Beatdown City” trailer at the New York Game Awards on 1/2219 at SVA Theatre.

Here’s the story: “The US President Blake Orama has been kidnapped by Ninja Dragon Terrorists! Take to the streets with 3 unique fighters – Lisa, the Boxing/MMA expert, Brad, a pro-wrestler with a love of fire, and Jeet Kune Do/Capoeira fighter Bruce.”

If a certain orange-pancake-haired-wall-wanting-cry-baby leader doesn’t make an appearance, we’d be quite surprised. Tickets for the New York Game Awards are available now!




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