Big Circle Panel Today! Play NYC MainStage, 8/11, 4:50 PM!


Join Dan Ackerman, Sherri Smith, Harold Goldberg (pictured  here at NYME) plus Kimari Rennis, our senior DreamYard intern at PlayNYC on Saturday!


God of War? Monster Hunter? Red Dead 2? Which is or will be your absolute favorite? Today, we’ll have a lively panel at Play NYC MainStage, 311 W. 34th Street, on the Games of the Year released so far — and those coming in the Fall. It’s streamed on Twitch, too.

Plus, we’ll talk about our mentoring and scholarship work. It’ll be fun, we promise!

On the panel we’ll have:

Sherri Smith, Tom’s Guide

Dan Ackerman, CNET

Kimari Rennis, NYVGCC senior intern from the DreamYard Prep School

Harold Goldberg, Washington Post, New York Magazine, Circle founder.

Come hang with us at Play NYC, ask us some questions, argue with us (nicely) and meet us after the event! See you there!




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