Holiday Podcast! Our Own Childhood Game Gifts, Unique Suggestions For Game Presents, Ken Kutaragi And Tandy, Too.

By Harold Goldberg


Our energetic Holiday Podcast features CNET’s Dan Ackerman and Scott Stein, Tom’s Guide’s Sherri Smith, and Kimari Rennis,’s ace teen intern — and me.

We remember fondly our best game-oriented holidays of yore, and offer up some awesome ideas for gifts – ones that you haven’t heard about before. (Oh, and, sorry Ken Kutaragi.)

I bring my ancient Tandy Electronic Football II to play (and,as an aside, talk about my only physical fight. Scott Stein recalls his first console with affection. Dan Ackerman talks about the wonders of a Tandy computer. Sherri Smith waxes nostalgic about Sega. Kimari Rennis talks about beating her brother royalally on the PlayStation 2 – and her love for Crash Bandicoot.

Finally we talk about the New York Game Awards on 1/24/18. Get your tickets now!

We recorded this at CNET Studios, so thanks to Dan for setting it up and to CNET for the studio time!

Happy holidays, everyone!

Harold Goldberg is the Founder of the NY Videogame Critics Circle.

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