The Podcast: God of War, Nintendo Labo & Educating Kids With Games And Journalism

By Harold Goldberg

What a great Spring morning it is when two extraordinary games of vastly differing genres (and target demographics) are released in one day. Join CNET’s Dan Ackerman, Tom’s Guide’s Sherri Smith, Superparent’s Libe Ackerman, DreamYard Prep School’s Rudy Blanco and me as we talk passionately about both releases.

But first, and most importantly, educator Rudy Blanco explains precisely what the New York Videogame Critics Circle does in the Bronx when we mentor, offer scholarships and give workshops with our partner, the DreamYard Prep School.

Have fun! It’s truly our best podcast yet.

Journalist/author Harold Goldberg is the founder of the New York Videogame Critics Circle and the New York Game Awards.




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