Awards! Yes! You’re Going To Get The Brand, New Octogeddon Game – For Free! Before Anyone Else!

golden ticket

This is just so great! The New York Game Awards is pleased to announce a truly excellent surprise for the first 225 game fans who attend the ceremony this Wednesday, 1/24, at the Abrons Playhouse in Manhattan.

As you enter the theater, you’re going to get a Steam code for Octogeddon on Steam. See the Golden Ticket above? You have your own personal code right on it.

You won’t have to wait for the official release date on February 8th. You can play it when you get home on Wednesday! You’re going to play Octogeddon before anyone else does – even the critics!

And you’ll see George Fan, creator of Plants Vs. Zombies, introduce the worldwide premiere of an amazing new trailer. Trust us: it’s terrific.

And you’ll get to meet George Fan at the After Party on the stage of the Abrons Playhouse. Plus, Bethesda’s Todd Howard gets his Legend Award! Plus, Geoff Keighley helps with the Pre-Show! And there’s much more!

We have a few tickets left. But don’t wait until Wednesday. We’re crazy close to capacity.

So get your tickets now!




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