Awards! Where The Water Tastes Like Wine Trailer Premiere!


We’re proud to announce the premiere of a new trailer from the narratively rich “Where The Water Tastes Like Wine.”  The trailer for the upcoming game will premiere the New York Game Awards on January 24th.

Three of our New York Vidoegame Critics Circle writers have contributed story to “Where The Water Tastes Like Wine,” which recently won the IndieCade 2017 Developer’s Choice Award and focuses on life during The Great Depression. Circle members Jordan Minor (, Gita Jackson (Kotaku) and Austin Walker (Waypoint) each penned stories for “Where The Water Tastes Like Wine.”

We carefully curate the trailers we present at the Awards. We don’t care about a so-called AAA game trailer if it doesn’t feature kind of quality we want our audience to see.

Yes, it’s cool that a legend like Sting is an important voice in the game. But “Where The Water Tastes Like Wine” is, at its essence, a narratively complex piece of entertainment. That’s what compels us.

There’s a haunting quality to “Where The Water Tastes Like Wine” that reminds of the more deeply affecting passages and sentences of Jesmyn Ward’s “Sing, Unburied, Sing.” During one conversation, you meet a starving woman near a campfire. She spins a tale of woe and bravery in short sentences, like the first sentence in Ward’s book: “I like to think I know what death is. I like to think I know that it’s something I could look at straight.”

That’s why we’re thrilled that Dim Bulb Games worked had to great this new trailer just for the New York Game Awards. Tickets are available now, but are going fast. See you at the show!



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