Awards! Twitch Is Our Exclusive Streaming Partner!


by Harold Goldberg

Twitch is back! The New York Videogame Critics Circle is proud to welcome back Twitch as our exclusive streaming partner for the 6th Annual New York Game Awards on January 19, 2017. You can watch the Awards on our Twitch Channel.

Twitch was an early supporter of our New York Game Awards – way back when our venue was a scholarly auditorium devoted to lectures at New York University. We’ve grown a little since that time (not like Twitch, though!). And this year we’ll hold the Awards at an awesome theater on the Lower East Side of Manhattan called the Abrons Playhouse.

Our partnership with Twitch would not have been possible without the help of Chase, who really has been on our side from the beginning.

This year, our motto is “Less Hype, More Soul.” Chase, of course, is a savvy hype master. Yet, in this wonderful, fast world of games and streams and self-promoters, you may not know this: Chase himself actually has more soul than most people in the industry.

As Twitch has grown, I’ve been introduced to a passel of new people there – and they’ve all been on the ball. As The Circle grows into an organization that not only supports its 40 writers, but champions schools and students in the community as well, we’re completely happy that Twitch remains in the fold.

Journalist/Author Harold Goldberg is the founder of The Circle and a producer of the New York Game Awards.

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