5th Annual NY Game Awards!

By Harold Goldberg

The New York Game Awards are completely sold out. But don’t worry. You can watch them live from Brooklyn on our Twitch channel beginning at 7:30 pm, Tuesday (2/9) East Coast Time. Our Twitch Channel is right here. You will see so much stuff. About games. Enjoy!

We’re so happy to announce that The 5th Annual New York Game Awards will be held on Tuesday, February 9th, 2016 at Villain in Brooklyn. It’s been five years of collegiality, folks!

On that winter night, the New York Videogame Critics Circle will gather together for some serious merriment, honest talk about games and, or course, to laud the best games of the year.

Many of our fine writers and critics work hard to put this show together.

Soon, we’ll have news of our Legend Award recipient, our hosts, our celebrity appearances, our after party and our sponsors and our streamers. You’ll hear all about it in the coming weeks.

We’ll also let you know how you can get one of a small batch of very limited tickets to The New York Game Awards.

Ours is a more thoughtful awards ceremony, full of heart, soul and satire. You won’t be presented with a lot of glitz and spin, just honest appreciation for the finest games in the world.

Do stay tuned!

Harold Goldberg is the founder of the New York Videogame Critics Circle.

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