Sponsor Alert: American Born Moonshine!

Late last year, Circle founder Harold Goldberg went on a mission to find the right kind of liquor for the New York Game Awards After Party.

He ended up at a cosy bar called Rochelle’s on the Lower East Side. There, he found conviviality — along with a tasting for American Born Moonshine. Three kinds of American Born Moonshine.

Goldberg took one for the team and tried all three. Shortly thereafter, he was telling tales of driving after a poetry reading in Oregon and giving a ride to a cloaked personage on the side of the road who bore a striking resemblance to the Grim Reaper.

It was decided then and there. American Born Moonshine had to be part of the New York Game Awards. Tonight, Awards-goers will have the chance to sample not one but three kinds of ABM, a rare treat since the spirits aren’t yet available here in the New York City area.

Welcome aboard, American Born Moonshine! As they like to say, “A little bootlegger lives on in everyone.”


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