Photos! New York Videogame Awards

Photographer Edward Inzauto graciously approached us after the New York Videogame Awards to say he had taken candid shots throughout the event, which reached nearly 135,000 viewers on Twitch.

So here’s Mr. Inzauto’s look at the festivities at Villain in Brooklyn — everything from the show onstage to the reactions in the audience to the memorable mural outside. A fine time was had by all.

Powers' Susan Heyward gets ready to present.

Powers’ Susan Heyward talks with Southpaw’s Leonie Manshanden just before the Awards went live on Twitch.

NYVGA EI Photo-3

In his opening remarks, Circle founder Harold Goldberg offered a touching tribute to Andrew Yoon and talked about the night’s festivities.

Harold Goldberg announced the creation of the Andrew Yoon Legend Award and toasted the recently deceased Circle co-founder.

Circle founder Harold Goldberg announced the creation of the Andrew Yoon Legend Award and toasted the recently deceased Circle co-founder.

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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’s Daniel Radosh killed with his monologue.

NYVGA EI Photo-8

Radosh cracked up New York Times contributor Chris Suellentrop and Bender’s Stephanie Thoensen.

NYVGA EI Photo-10’s Lucas Seigel, CNET’s Dan Ackerman and intern Harry Rabinowitz can’t stop laughing.

NYVGA EI Photo-11

The Awards began with the Central Park Zoo Award for Best Kids Game.

NYVGA EI Photo-13

Nintendo won for Mario Kart 8.

NYVGA EI Photo-16

Blizzard canceled their appearance at the 11th Hour and didn’t pick up their award from Unwinnable’s Chuck Moran and MTV’s Craig Goldstein.

NYVGA EI Photo-17

Videodame’s Sara Clemens presents an Award to Three’s Asher Vollmer.

NYVGA EI Photo-21

Polygon’s Samit Sarkar presents the Award for Best World to the team from Ubisoft, who traveled from Montreal to the event. “This is warm for us,” said Phil Fournier and Vincent Ouellett, of the weather in NYC.

NYVGA EI Photo-22

Dorkly’s Caldwell Tanner and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’s Owen Parsons did an awesome skit before presenting the Best Indie Award.

NYVGA EI Photo-23

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart’s Travon Free did a satirical bit before presenting the Award for Best Remake to Rockstar Games.

NYVGA EI Photo-27

Rockstar’s Simon Ramsey, he of some few but powerful words, accepts the Best Remake Award for GTA V.

NYVGA EI Photo-28

Kotaku’s Evan Narcisse and Tom’s Guide’s Jill Scharr make their way to the stage to present the Herman Melville Award for Best Writing.

NYVGA EI Photo-31

In an unusual turn of events, the Award for Best ESports Experience went to Super Smash Bros. Melee.

NYVGA EI Photo-32

The Circle’s Managing Editor Kevin Clark and intern Harry Rabinowitz yuk it up before presenting the Tin Pan Alley Award for Best Music.

NYVGA EI Photo-34

SuperGiant’s Logan Cunningham accepted Transistor’s Award for Best Music, which beat out Paul McCartney’s Destiny effort.

NYVGA EI Photo-35

Powers’ star Susan Heyward, who plays Deena Pilgrim on the PlayStation Network show, presented the Award for Best Acting.

NYVGA EI Photo-36

Console Wars’ Blake J. Harris and Jonah Tulis accepted the Andrew Yoon Legend Award for Ralph Baer’s family.

NYVGA EI Photo-37

The complete New York Videogame Critics Circle hit the stage, gathering together to present the Game of the Year Award to Wolfenstein: The New Order.

NYVGA EI Photo-38

A look at the Program.

NYVGA EI Photo-43

The super-big New York Videogame Awards mural outside of Villain, our great venue.

NYVGA EI Photo-40

Downtown Pidgeons rocked the After Party.

NYVGA EI Photo-41

Billy Pidgeon, of Downtown Pidgeons, used to produce games such at Mortal Kombat II. Billy still works in the industry.

Victor K.'s photo of the Circle was taken post-Awards. By then, most of us had  had some free American Born Moonshine.

Victor K.’s photo of the Circle was taken post-Awards.

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