Sponsor Alert: Razer’s Back!

When it comes to sponsors, we’re kind of picky at the New York Videogame Critics Circle. We currently don’t accept sponsorship from game publishers or developers. And the people we do take on as partners have to be honest folk with products that are of super-high quality.

Once again, we’re honored to have Razer as our sponsor. In fact, we’ll be using Razer’s Blade to stream the Awards on our Twitch channel.

This particular Blade Z09-0117 has an i7 chip with 16 MG of ram. So it should handle the steam effortlessly.

In January, Razer showed off some compelling products at the Consumer Electronics Show that, although still unreleased, seem to be the kind of forward-thinking technology that both tech early adopters and hard core gamers will flock to.

The Razer Forge TV, which Ben Gilbert at Engadget called one of the best products at CES, is going to allow users to stream PC games to the large screens that occupy the living room. It also won Engadget’s People’s Choice Awards.

And the Razer OSVR (Open Source Virtual Reality), their entry into the VR race will, because of the software and hardware, permit pretty much anyone to make game across platforms. It’s all about the games.

So to Min and everyone on the team at Razer, welcome back. We’re proud to have you as a partner!

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