Awards: Thanks to Green Man Gaming

Here’s a hearty thanks and tip of the hat to Green Man Gaming over in London.

They are proud sponsors of the New York Game Awards on Monday, February 16th!

Green Man even took the time to pen a nice article about Monday’s Event.

At the post, you can check out which Big Apple Game Award Nominees are available on Green Man Gaming.

The company has a catalog of over 5200 games. The loot comes from than 350 videogame publishers. The games go to 185 territories; and 90 percent of its revenue is comes from outside UK. They’re known as cutting edge e-commerce folk who aren’t afraid to take chances. That’s why they’ve made it.

As the New York Videogame Critics Circle grows, we are just so happy to have Green Man Gaming as part of the Awards. (Who doesn’t love that little green mascot guy?)

They are our first international sponsors.

Welcome aboard!


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