Sponsor Alert: Twitch Is Our Official Awards Streamer

We want to extend a hearty welcome to Twitch to our carefully curated list of sponsors.

Twitch will be the official streamer of the 3rd Annual New York Videogame Critics Circle Awards which will begin at 7:30 p.m. on February 11th right here. (Those in the New York area can get a very limited amount of tickets to the event itself right here).

As the phenomenon of electronic sports grows by leaps and bounds, Twitch has been there to document it all with loads of content, including user-generated programs.

Here are some recent Twitch milestones:

  • 68% of the Twitch community has decreased the amount of TV they watch because of games entertainment.
  • 45 Million+ Unique Viewers (compared to 3.2 million in June 2011 when it launched at E3 2011)
  • 900,000+ Unique Broadcasters per Month
  • 5,100+ Members of the Twitch Partner Program
  • 106 Minutes Watched per Person per Day
  • Thousands of concurrent live broadcasters at any given time with a recent 10K peak
  • $8 million dollars raised by the Twitch community for charity
  • On 12.11.13, roughly a month after the PS4 launched on 11.15.13, 125,000 PS4 owners had logged in to Twitch. Illustrating the rapid growth, 20 percent of Twitch’s broadcasters were from the PlayStation 4 between 12.23.13 and 1.3.14.

Chase, who’s the public relations director at Twitch, is someone I’ve respected personally for some time — not only during his days at Access PR, but during his days as a journalist for Gear magazine as well.

Chase has promised that Twitch will place the Awards event stream prominently on the Twitch’s home page. So we hope that through Twitch more people will watch our entertainment-filled Awards ceremony this year.

-Harold Goldberg, Founder

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