The Roundup: GTA V: What Our Critics Are Saying

Call it the Videogame Shot Heard Round the World. The game was everywhere. And when the smoke cleared last week, Grand Theft Auto V had earned a billion dollars in three days.

Many of our fine critics had something to worthy say about the latest release from Rockstar Games:

Polygon’s Chris Plante detailed the satire and treatment of women in GTA V.

Adam Rosenberg for Digital Trends talked more about GTA V’s gang of protagonists:

Mashable’s Chelsea Stark observed Los Santos’ nuances as she played.

Russ Frushtick of Polygon highlighted some new experiences the game has to offer:

CNET’s Jeff Bakalar shared his personal moments of surprise and intrigue.

Gameological’s Anthony Agnello admired the expansiveness of Los Santos, but wanted a deeper experience that felt less familiar.

–Harold Goldberg and Sarah Awad

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