The Roundup: The Circle Speaks

Every week, writing from our Circle members will be featured here for others to check out. The Circle had a lot to say last week, so enjoy their diverse and insightful pieces.

by Sarah Awad

Evan Narcisse tells us all we need to know about GTA Online’s in-game cash bonusesfor players via Kotaku

Anthony Agnello of Gameological Society divulges several though-provoking nuances in Super Mario RPG

Jeff Bakalar’s 404 Podcast features talented voice actors Troy Baker and Roger Craig Smith

Craig Goldstein for MTV shows us some funny tech pieces worthy of any tailgate party

Unwinnable’s Stu Horvath talks GTA and his looming thought of Los Angeles

Chris Plante at Polygon talks ways to get out there in the indie scene

Adam Rosenberg of Digital Trends has some words on Batman: Arkham Origins

Polygon’s Samit Sakar with some WWE 2K4 news

Chelsea Stark talks about Xbox One’s new “following” feature via Mashable:

Want to see 3D printing and some other digital art?  Check out Sarah Awad’s website (I think she’s pretty good!)

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