Presenter Alert: Lev Grossman, Author of The Magicians

I take much pride in announcing that the brilliant Lev Grossman, Time magazine’s book critic and the lauded author of The Magicians, will be presenting at the New York Videogame Critics Circle Awards this February 5th.

I was honored to have Lev as my editor back in the Time Digital days. I’ve also been to readings for all of his fine books, but the best one was a night in Brooklyn’s The Knitting Factory for The Magicians. 

In addition to a fascinating, pitch perfect reading that made it clear this was a book to be savored and remembered, MC Frontalot performed at the event. Then, Lev gave away some really valuable video game stuff. It was indeed a magical night.

Lev’s been a thoughtful gamer for years and he’s one of the erudite critics who, when he indulges in game reviewing, elevates the medium.

Keep in mind that you can attend our event at NYU’s Pfizer Auditorium for free. Stay tuned for an announcement on how you can do just that – next week.

-Harold Goldberg, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

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