October 22: 8 Reasons To Come To Our Halloween Hoohah!

It’s almost here, and the cretins will definitely be hopping.

Our very first Halloween Hoohah is really coming together. And we want you ghouls, geeks and goblins to be there. So RSVP on our Facebook Page!

Here’s the complete scoop for our event at The Suffolk Bar, 107 Suffolk Street, next Monday, October 22 at 7 p.m.

1) We’re giving away a true collectors item: a copy of Dishonored, signed by – gulp – 20 members of the Arkane team.

2) We’ll have a Dishonored-themed drink called Piero’s Spiritual Remedy. “Guaranteed to Lift Your Spirits.”

3) We’ll also give away a signed copy of my  narrative history of videogames, All Your Base Are Belong to Us, How 50 Years of Videogames Conquered Pop Culture.

4) We’ll also have a new Tomb Raider t-shirt and a new Plants vs. Zombies t-shirt.

6) Our panel on Horror-Oriented Games is completely set. It’ll include Evan Narciss from Kotaku, Adam Rosenberg from G4TV and Alex Navarro from Giant Bomb, and me. (You won’t be able to stop me from mentioning Undead Nightmare and BioShock.)

7) Robert Gehorsam, the smart CEO of Image Metrics who helped to launch EverQuest back in the day, will be talking about his game company after the panel.

8) And check out the walls of The Suffolk. If you want creepy for Halloween; it’s definitely there. (The space the Suffolk’s in also houses one of New York’s best Halloween haunted houses.

All the Circle’s fine critics plan on having a great time.

We hope you dress up in a costume if you want to – maybe Granny Rags – and have a great time with the  New York Videogame Critics Circle.

See you on Monday!

–Harold Goldberg, Founder

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