Wii U: Our First Video Program!

Gamasutra’s Leigh Alexander. Polygon’s Chris Plante. Giant Bomb’s Alex Navarro. AOL’s Libe Goad. CNET’s Dan Ackerman. About.com’s Charles Herold.

These smart folks are just six of our 25 lauded Circle members. And they appear in our first New York Videogame Critics Circle Web program, this time about the potential pluses and minuses of the Wii U.

Victor Kalogiannis, our talented, stalwart intern, spent many hours shooting and editing the program, and we think he did a fantastic job.

You’ll witness varied opinions here, from excitement to disappointment, from apathy to empathy.

I hope you enjoy these fine critics’ considered words as much as I enjoyed interviewing them.

We hope to bring you more video programming in the future. So do stay tuned.

-Harold Goldberg, Founder and Editor-in-Chief

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