Come Hang: Our Barcade Brooklyn Event

Remember to come out tomorrow night to the very first New York Videogame Critics Circle Community Event. It’s at Barcade Brooklyn, 388 Union Avenue, on Tuesday, July 31, starting at 7 p.m.

I’ll even bring one of the rare first editions of “All Your Base Are Belong to Us,”  my narrative history of videogames, to give away.

We’ll bid Ryan Kuo, Kill Screen’s insightful editor, a heartfelt adieu as he moves to the wilds of Massachusetts to tussle with MIT.

You might hear Polygon’s Samit Sakar wax on about sports games and Unwinnable’s Chuck Moran talk about punk rock and Lady Gaga. Maybe Kotaku’s Jason Schreier will explain his love for “Call Me Maybe.”

When we’re not talking games – of course.

See you there!

–Harold Goldberg


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