Tuesday! Brooklyn Barcade Event, 7/30/13, 7 p.m.

It’s Saturday morning. Outside, the sun over the river is

like Kanye’s finest gold.

But I’m distracted, looking

forward to Tuesday night.

I’m looking

forward to Tuesday night

because we all get together, a community of proud nerds

because honorary member Daniel Radosh of the Daily Show is intelligent and funny and droll

because former Rockstar Shawn Alexander Allen will show off Treachery in Beatdown City

because Polygon’s Russ Frushtick is the Grim Reaper on Fox Business news, and I want to know more

because Unwinnable’s Chuck Moran has a new daughter, and I want to hear about it

because I want to grin at the castrating wit of Giant Bomb’s Alex Navarro

because this will be the first Circle experience for Mashable’s Chelsea Stark

because Kotaku’s Jason Schreier always has that wry nerd way

because Spike’s Jason Cipriano probably has tales of Comic Con that I haven’t heard

because Tech News Daily’s Jill Scharr will talk about that game writing Master Class

because intern Sarah Awad will has mavin-like insight into Final Fantasy

because videographer/writers Victor Kalogiannis and Jorge Jimenez are just so ardent about the games world

because who knows which game world luminaries will be there

because more critics and a thousand reasons

because because because you will be there

and we and you are

we and you are

like Kanye’s shiniest gold.

-Harold Goldberg, Founder, New York Videogame Critics Circle



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