The Circle Interview: George Fan On Plants Vs. Zombies, Hardhat Wombat And Halloween!

Recently, Senior Writer/Mentor Ronald Gordon and Circle Founder Harold Goldberg sat down with Plants vs. Zombies creator George Fan to talk about his history, PopCap’s history and his cool, new game, Hardhat Wombat. There for the interview to add color and history as well was Garth Chouteau, the original PR pro for PopCap Games.

We discussed the ups and downs of creating “Plants Vs. Zombies,” the original title of which, George revealed, was “Lawn of the Dead.” Here the two talk about PopCap’s legendary zombie title – right before Halloween.

Then, you’ll hear about the creation of Fan’s newest offering, Hardhat Wombat, which was just released. You’ll listen in awe (perhaps grossed-out awe) when your brain begins to understand the one fact that made George fascinated about wombats. We won’t spoil it here.


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