Win A Switch Lite Signed By Reggie During Our Nonprofit Zoom Event With Reggie!

Reggie accepts the Andrew Yoon Legend Award at the New York Game Awards. Photo by Nancy J. Parisi.

UPDATE 8.2.21: All Ask-Reggie-A-Question tickets are Sold Out! BUT you can still: Buy a ticket for $50. Get a free game. Possibly be the 1 lucky winner of a Reggie-signed Switch Lite!

Want to hang with Reggie? Have a business, career or life question you’ve been dying to ask Reggie? Want to win a Switch Lite signed by the man himself – and dedicated to you personally? Here’s how: Donate to our NYVGCC nonprofit now. Your contribution will help us mentor homeless students with games and journalism. And you can be part of our big Reggie Zoom event on 8/3/21 at 9 pm Eastern Time! All you have to do is go to our Paypal Giving Fund page to register.

$50 gets you in. You might be the one lucky winner of a Switch Lite signed by Reggie. And everyone who attends gets a free Steam game.

Only 100 slots are available overall for this exclusive, 90-minute, in-depth event, moderated by award-winning journalist and New York Videogame Critics Circle founder Harold Goldberg.

You’ll also find more about what Reggie’s been up to and why he decided to write a book!

Go here to register at our Paypal Giving Fund page with your donation. Zoom links will be distributed on the day of the show. You’ll have to sign in with your real name to be admitted!

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